We Are Rising with Taína Asili

"Social justice artist Taína Asili has composed and written a liberation song – in collaboration with One Billion Rising anthem, entitled “We Are Rising.” We are honored that Taína has created this new anthem for One Billion Rising. It is a call to action, to dance, to RISE. The song celebrates our collective energy, creative resistance, and solidarity as we RISE against the tides of violence against all women, climate crisis, racism, and corporate greed.

"Music has always been the heartbeat of our movements for liberation. With "We Are Rising" I offer women around the world a new anthem to help us tap into the energy, strength, courage, and wisdom needed to usher in a new era of justice and healing." – Taína Asili

Taína is a New York based Puerto Rican singer, filmmaker, and activist whose work honors the tradition of her ancestors and carries themes of hope and liberation, which surges into one soulful and defiant voice.

Listen, share, and spread the song, RAISE the vibration for freedom for women around the world. Together, We Are RISING."

Click here for the link to the SoundCloud!

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